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Top April Online Backup Comparisons

It is hard to believe we have had the doors open here at for over a month already. It has been a pretty busy month as well. We could not have asked for a better way to start the site. Having things ready for World Backup Day was great and we think it helped quite a few people to be able to compare the different online backup services.

For those interested we use Google Analytics event tracking to see what is the most popular events happening on the comparison page. The events tracking gives us a pretty good idea of what companies, features and price ranges people are most interested in comparing. We thought we would share what the most popular comparisons are from April.

These are the top companies that were compared during the month of April. While we don’t know what companies were compared with which you can see which companies are the most popular to be compared with.

  1. CrashPlan
  2. Backblaze
  3. Carbonite
  4. Dolly Drive
  5. Dropbox
  6. Mozy
  7. SugarSync
  8. SpiderOak
  9. AltDrive
  10. Livedrive

These are the top features that were compared in April.

  1. Unlimited Plans
  2. Network Drives
  3. Free Plans
  4. Windows Clients
  5. Mac Clients
  6. iPhone/iPad Apps
  7. File Syncronization
  8. 100GB Plans
  9. Allows Multiple Computers
  10. Linux Clients

If you want to save money comparing services by price if a great thing. This tab was actually the second most visited and recorded almost as many events as the companies tab.

  1. Under $50.00/Year
  2. $5.00 – $10.00/Month
  3. $50.00 – $100.00/Year
  4. Over $10.00/Month
  5. Under $5.00/Month
  6. $100.00 – $200.00/Two Year
  7. Over $100.00/Year
  8. Over $200.00/Two Year
  9. Over $400.00/Four Year
  10. Under $300.00/Four Year

We plan to add a couple more companies yet this month and plans are in the works to add a business plan comparison page, although we are still gathering data for that so it could be a month or two before that is made live on the site.

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